Wound Collector “Eternal Bloodcult” out now!

The Belgian death metal band Wound Collector has finally released its debut album “Eternal Bloodcult.” Below you will find an overview of a number of links where the album is available or can be listened to. Be warned, Wound Collector will amaze you with her mix of tight death metal and saxophone influences.

Label manager sven: We are very proud of this album, first of all,  it is a very good and pure debut album from the band who worked very hard to make this possible and to present it to her fans and also the rest of the world as of today.

Also it’s the first album that is releases by Profane Records as a label. For 2018 there will be more new releases and we are already busy for 2019.

Wound Collector –  Eternal Bloodcult  (physically and digitally)



Google Play:








Wound Collector band website.

Profane Records Website

And more…

Label: https://www.profanerecords.com/wound-collector/

Website: woundcollector.com
Facebook: facebook.com/woundcollector
Instagram: instagram.com/woundcollector
YouTube: youtube.com/woundcollector
Contact: info@woundcollector.com
Bookings: Rudra Booking info@rudrabooking.com

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