Silverlane (NL) release new single for “Head over Heels”.


Dutch rock band Silverlane launched their new single “Head over heels” with a new video.

Silverlane is a rock band from Apeldoorn the Netherlands. With catchy guitar solos, energetic drums and a pushing/driving bass, Silverlane releases their funfactor based on the 80’s upon the audience and listeners and wraps it in a modern form of rock.

Dennis Grefhorst
Marq van Mazijk,
Pascal Steneker
Rolf Vermeer

Bio English:

Silverlane is a Dutch rock band that brings back the fun in good old fashioned rock music. With catchy choruses, fat guitar licks and pumping drums & bass they take charge of the stage and guarantee an intense show filled with sweat and decibels.

The basis was laid a while ago by Dennis Grefhorst (guitar & vocals) and Rolf Vermeer (bass), after which the formation was completed with Marq van Mazijk (vocals & keys) and Pascal Steneker (drums & backing vocals).

In June 2016 the band released their first album ‘Off Course’ with their debut single ‘Wanna Be Loved’. In the first week after release the well-known Dutch radio station Radio Veronica declared the single Debut of The Week.


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