Profane Records

Profane Records is a metal music netlabel based in the Netherlands in 2015. Profane Records releases metal music in all genres. In this way, each band gets the chance they deserve to be heard.

By far the most bands don’t get a chance to bring their creative product that they are proud of to the public or bigger audience. The major labels are not reachable so the indie and netlabels are the right choice to start with.

The music industry has changed a lot with the introduction of digital music files and has had to reinvent themselves. Naturally, these changes have a lot of advantages. Because of the introduction of MP3 and/or WAV files, social media and the internet in general gives you as a artist a lot of opportunities. People can listen to your release on the other side of the world and even download your album.

The Music industry has become 1,000 times more accessible and everyone has the right to do what he/she wants to do with there own work. We are not a netlabel that hates the established order because thats nonsense, they can still lift you to new heights, but we go for the accessibility of the music and the freedom of the artist as well.


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