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Featuring members of AS HEAVENS COLLIDE and REACHING FOR DAWN, PROSPECT is THE metalcore outfit in the south of The Netherlands! PROSPECT blends aggressive and brutal riffing with hard hitting, complex down dropped breakdowns. Grave, low-pitched and rough grunts make the modern metalcore vibe complete. With musical influences of bands like Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, I The Breather and Architects, PROSPECT is ready to set a high standard of extremely energetic and tensely performed live shows. Roel Bosma – Gitaar Rogier Wijnands – Gitaar Louis Pasmans – Vocals Davy Smeets – Bass Erick Beckers – Drums Concert agenda(Up to date) 20-05-2017  Streekproducten Oefenbunker Landgraaf 25-06-2017  Wacken Battle Bosuil Weer 26-08-2017  R2R Fest Heerlen 06-10- 2017  Support Death Remains (UK) De Gooth Ridderkerk
  Last Joker is finishing the recording of the new album Last Joker is finishing the recording of the new album scheduled to be released in late 2017 and will shoot the videoclip for the single of the next album to be released in the summer of 2017. Last Joker is booked to play some nice festivals in 2017 such as Grimm Up North on September 30 in Bury ( Manchester ) UK alongside Tysondog , Oliver Dawson”s Saxon , Avenger , Tytan , Holocaust among others and other shows in England and Spain . BIOGRAPHY Last Joker was formed by Miguel Mega, Portuguese guitar player, in the late eighties in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. In 1990 Last Joker recorded their first demo tape with the songs ” Without You ” , ” Last Joker ” , ” Hold on Tight ” and ” Every Night ” and started a career playing for eager crowds in the São Paulo state. Because of their musicality , stage presence and sold out concerts they got the attention of Metal Rock Records and recorded their first LP simply called ” Last Joker ” and toured Brazil supporting bands such as Sepultura, Angra, Dr. Sin, RDP among others. In the middle nineties the band broke up and Miguel Mega moved to LA and started a solo career and released around 10 instrumental solo cds and appeared on several compilations alongside Greg Howe (Howe II, Michael jackson, Maragold), Kiko Loureiro (Angra, Megadeth) among others . In 2014 Miguel Mega moved to the UK and regrouped Last Joker with singer Roddy B. (Avenger, Abbadon), guitarist Yves Martin, bassist Al Pringle and drummer Adam Proud and have just recorded their new cd release for Into the Limelight Records, Last Joker – Ulterior Motives and have released the video clip for the single ” Kissed by the Lake”. When the A&R scouts of Into The LimeLight Records listened to the new material it was clear that this was something different. Refreshing, fantastic rock songs, catchy and with a quality you may expect of these very experienced musicians. Reason to offer a contract straight away.   Ulterior Motives tracks list : 1.Are You Ready 2.Dreamer 3.Kissed By The Lake 4.Spellbound 5.God Save The Heroes 6.Confidence 7.Sweet Sensations 8.Surrender For Love 9.Can’t Live Without 10.Better Alone 11.Don’t Close Your Eyes 12.Without You FACEBOOK   YOUTUBE  
BLACKFORCE Bio: BlackForce is a Thrash Metal band from Niterói and São Gonçalo in the state of Rio de Janeiro – Brasil, formed in 2014. It all started as an idea to make things different, to open the eyes of the producers, bands and labels to our cities. After a lot of hardwork and money spent, came the first release: an EP called Slaves to Reality, raising another flag at the independent bands world. BlackForce are: Felipe Teixeira – Vocals Glauber Pontes – Bass Guitar Matheus Pisca – Rythm Guitar Caio Kattenbach – Lead Guitar Alexandre Bruxa – Drums Tracklist Slaves To Reality 1. Calm before the storm (2:27) 2. Downfall (2:50) 3. Madness (3:28) 4. War has begun (4:59) 5. Enslaved (3:53)
“Anima is a metal band formed by brothers Alvaro and Diego Bueno Triveño, combining different sound elements own and foreign of the metal world. Recently finish the recording and edition of the debut album with the title homonymous to this one, that seeks to venture in the world of the music with an elaborate proposal. As the band was consisting of only two people, both members sought ways to get “helpers” by unknown methods, thus creating strange figures that helped the creation of this material, These “Homunculos” in command of the brothers offer their help although from time to time they require “repairs” or already a complete renovatio” At the gates of the album release and the video of the song “Here Come”, Anima offers a variety of sounds that are worth listening to. Anima is a  new Peruvian metal band from the city of Abancay. Last year they released their first demo entitled “The Masters from Far” which can be streamt through multiple platforms. The song “The Masters from Far” Is the first demo recorded by the band and soon they will release there first full-length  album via “Profane Records”. Both Alvaro as Diego are musicians for many years and have played with several bands. However they have the enormous amount of more than 200 original songs composed so the release date of there debut album will soon be announced. Anima Facebook Page!

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