Ghost Toast to release their 3rd album in June, first single out now

Ghost Toast released a first single “Gordius” from their upcoming third album “Out Of This World”. The album is released June 7th 2017 via Inverse Records. Listen to the single on Spotify: and check their music video out:

Ghost Toast is an instrumental, experimental progressive rock band from Debrecen, Hungary, formed in 2008. They love heavy, trippy music and film scores as well, so they use these elements to create their own music.

With their 3rd album, the band used elements of heavy prog rock, world music, folk, and electronic music. The songs on are connected by a loose concept – a connection between fantasy and some mythological themes (influenced by the Dark Tower saga by Stephen KingDune by Frank Herbert, I am legend by Richard Matheson, greek mythology, etc.).
The band names following artists as their influencers Tool, Faith No More, Mastodon, Crippled Black Phoenix, Ulver, Special Providence, Oceansize, Jaga Jazzist, Shpongle, Orbital, Ott, Plaid, Future Sound Of London, various film score composers (like Ennio Morricone, Jeremy Soule). So this tells that it is quite impossible to describe their music, you’ll need to experience it by yourself!

Track list:
1. Ka mai (5:33)
2. Gordius (6:42)
3. Alia (7:20)
4. The Dragon’s tail (7:51)
5. Minotaur (5:23)
6. Kaia (8:13)
7. Last man (7:38)
8. Ishvara (6:40)
9. Pawn of fate (3:11)
László Papp (drums)
János Stefán (bass, sound fx, samples)
János Pusker (cello, keyboard)
Bence Rózsavölgyi (guitar).

Toast in the shell (self-released in  February 28, 2011)
There is no en… (self-released in November 22, 2013)
Gordius -Single (May 12, 2017) (Inverse Records)
Out of this World (June 7, 2017) (Inverse Records)


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