BELPHEGOR – reveal second trailer of bass tracking for “Totenritual”

Diabolical death/black metal commandos BELPHEGOR have just released another trailer showing insight into their bass guitar recording at Stage One Studios, Germany with Andy Classen.

Watch Serpenth devastating his bass:

Serpenth states:
“This is my strongest bass performance so far, it sounds obscure and utterly brutal. BELPHEGOR are back to conquer – possessed, on fire and stronger than ever!”

In case you haven’t seen it, check out the drum trailer the band released in March 2017:

The eleventh BELPHEGOR album entitled »Totenritual«, will act as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2014 recording »Conjuring The Dead«. Expect its worldwide release on September 15th through Nuclear Blast.

Also check out this exclusive clip of BELPHEGOR playing ‘Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration’ recorded live inside their “rehearsal bunker”. This scorching death/black metal track will be included on the upcoming album. Crank it to the max and go to hell with them:

Order BELPHEGOR‘s current record, »Conjuring The Dead«, and more, here:

More on »Conjuring The Dead«:
‘Conjuring The Dead’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:

‘Conjuring The Dead’ OFFICIAL LIVE CLIP:


‘Black Winged Torment’ OFFICIAL VIDEO:

BELPHEGOR – Rituals 2017:

13.05.  NL        Veghel – Veghel Deathfest
14.05.  NL        Leiden – Gebr. De Nobel
26.05.  E          Barcelona – Knights of Metal Festival
16.06.  F          Clisson – Hellfest
17.06.  D         Uttenhofen – Aaargh Festival
07.07.  D         Ballenstedt – Rockharz Open Air
23.07.  I           Brescia – Colony Open Air
02.08.  A          Vienna – Jolly Roger Festival
18.08.  D         Dinkelsbühl – Summer Breeze
24.08.  D         Crispendorf – Wolfszeit Festival
15./16.12.       S          Norrköping – Black Christmas

More info:

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