Reject Entertainment is a Public relations & promotion platform for signed/unsigned, indie and diy artists and bands specializing in heavy music.

Nowadays digital PR goes along with the traditional form of PR. Therefore it’s very important to be active and present in this world of fast news. As you will understand our PR activities go hand in hand with the digital world.

By webcare and social media marketing and promotion, it is important to know where your target audience is and who exactly is your target audience. Often people say; we really have to work with social media, but most of the time it stays that way cause of several reasons; lack of time, interest, or for the simple reason that nobody knows exactly how to do it. We can help you with this important topic.

Also, media relations is a part of our activities. For bloggers and journalists who have more questions or need more information we are the first they turn to. We help them with the necessary information and if that’s not enough we contact our clients to provide more accurate information as quickly as possible so no precious time is lost.

We can also ensure that review and interview requests are sent to the right audience, because feedback is very important in any field and with these results and information you can create new content. And through creating and distributing content you make sure that you will get better results on the Internet.


  • Single press release.
  • Online and offline campaigns. (Digital and printed press)
  • Guidance/management on social media and website. (Webcare)
  • Generate free publicity.
  • Band coaching and media relations.
  • Writing band biographies.
  • Review requests.
  • Interview requests.
  • Website hosting.
  • Create website. (With or without webshop)
  • Much more…

Because we work with a lot independent artists and bands, our services are affordable…




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