Featuring members of AS HEAVENS COLLIDE and REACHING FOR DAWN, PROSPECT is THE metalcore outfit in the south of The Netherlands!

PROSPECT blends aggressive and brutal riffing with hard hitting, complex down dropped breakdowns. Grave, low-pitched and rough grunts make the modern metalcore vibe complete. With musical influences of bands like Whitechapel, All Shall Perish, I The Breather and Architects, PROSPECT is ready to set a high standard of extremely energetic and tensely performed live shows.

downloadRoel Bosma – Gitaar

Rogier Wijnands – Gitaar

Louis Pasmans – Vocals

Davy Smeets – Bass

Erick Beckers – Drums

  • Concert agenda(Up to date)
  • 20-05-2017  Streekproducten Oefenbunker Landgraaf
  • 25-06-2017  Wacken Battle Bosuil Weer
  • 26-08-2017  R2R Fest Heerlen
  • 06-10- 2017  Support Death Remains (UK) De Gooth Ridderkerk


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