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We are a full service public relations and promotion platform for artists, bands, labels and music events specializing in METAL/ROCK music world wide. You can join us for PR, Band coaching, Marketing, Webcare, Social media, digital releases and more…


Ann My Dice (NL)

Ann My Dice (NL)



Wound Collector (BE)

Wound Collector (BE)


Saxophonised death metal

Inferum (NL)

Inferum (NL)

PR, media relations, webcare.

Mechanical Death Metal

Last Joker (UK)

Last Joker (UK)

(online) Radio Campagne



We fully support our bands and artists, we breathe music…

Public relations campaigns

  • Full album, EP, single, dvd or demo campaigns
  • Video & tour campaigns
  • Interview requests.
  • Review requests.
  • Sending physical promotion packages.

Single press messages

  • Press/news messages
  • Interview requests
  • Review requests
  • Tour promotion
  • Video promotion
  • Promotion to labels and mail orders

Band coaching and media relations

  • Delivering the right information to the press, bookers, bloggers, vloggers, websites, printed press, reviewers, and more
  • First point of contact for the press/media
  • Consultant for the band/artist

Digital promotion

  • Electronic press kit (Epk)
  • Band Rider
  • Technical rider

Profane Records

Metal/Rock Recordlabel



News and headlines…

Profane Records sign deal with Ann My Dice (NL) for the release of their upcoming EP

Profane Records sign deal with Ann My Dice (NL) for the release of their upcoming EP. Ann My Dice is an energetic metalband from the Western half of The Netherlands. Since 2012 they have been playing in a big amount of cafés and venues, both in The Netherlands aswell as the rest of Europe. “Ann […]

Wound Collector release video for “Divine Music, Unholy Flesh”.

In the run-up to the release of the debut album “Eternal Bloodcult” by Wound Collector May 24th 2018 the band releases its first official video for the song “Divine Music, Unholy Flesh” in high definition (HD). The album can be pre-ordered, just follow the link below… Pre-Order “Eternal Bloodcult” HERE.. Pre-Order “Eternal Bloodcult” HERE.. According to Peter: The song depicts Italian Renaissance composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina […]

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